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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 7:00 a.m. start now. >> it is 7:00 a.m. this week is the busiest travel week we have live pictures out of
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as at all a live report on any potential delays from there in just a bit. >> the violence continues to escalate in the middle east and was explosion now in tel aviv. at least 10 people were injured. secretary of state and hillary clinton arrived in the region. to make peace between hamas and gaza and the israelis. >> the bay area waking up to wet weather this morning on the busiest travel day of the year. we do see what roads to get to more news faster return to sole reporter jackie sissel will joins us live from oakland eyes to the rose is still wet. traffic is a diesel is moving where you are. >> it is moving slowly the roadways are still with the rain has stopped on northbound 880. the thing that was surprising is how much traffic is out here. it is the day before thanksgiving at 7:00 a.m. the morning we have seen a
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steady flow of traffic coming down this wet 880 corridor. the last couple of hours of natural it is commute traffic or people headed out for the thanksgiving day weekend is the way they caught a break this letter travelers. from 4 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. this morning it was coming down hard consistently for a couple of hours. then things led up and it is not more than a mist. is basically stopped. a lot of people traveling this thanksgiving weekend. if you are one of them be careful slow down, take your time, and get there safely. >> thank you jackie. our team coverage continues with erica and the weather center where it looks like the bulk of the heaviest rain has moved on. the morning air. good morning anny . we are still contending with showers for some of our east bay spots. a lot of the re pushes to the south. >> the heaviest rain now and
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the santa cruz mounds of rubble decree.mountain spirit. 4 contending with rain clear conditions to the san ramon valley. some scattered showers over the dumbarton bridge highway 84 milpitas consistent rain in portions of 880. as we take a look at your day planner we have rain now if you're not dealing with rain you are contending with fall. into the afternoon gradual clearing we could see bricks of sunshine temperatures will be in the '60s. cooler
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and clear conditions in to the evening hours. a full look of your extended for crass coming up in a bit robyn. >> good morning but a lot of slow traffic give yourself extra time before you head out the door. when you get there and start driving tried a reduced speed. we have had numerous accidents. several spinoffs and lots of slow traffic. let us set out to highway 4 traffic is crawling along the westbound direction. we normally have slow traffic on the west for antioch towards its burned. now we have a new accident at bailey a hit and run crash with the middle lane block. the traffic is moving west and 25 mi. per hour out of pittsburgh for the concord it loosens up just before you retire way to 42. give yourself extra time. a tough commute on highway 580 traffic crawling along and westbound direction. normally there is slow traffic during this time of mourning in the westbound direction it was
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an eastbound crash that detracted attention. and left westbound flowing badly pret. the good news is it clears up just before you make the connection with a highly 680. thank you robyn we are also falling holiday travel as this is one of the busiest weeks for travelers kron fours will tran has been monitoring the system out as at all. has a nasty weather translated to any delays on the board. >> it has not impacted as at all the lines are getting longer. let me show you the security checkpoint live. about 10-50 minutes ago you see the board for arrivals and departures that is how long the lines stretch back. it is wrapped around a couple of columns and ultimately made its way through the security checkpoint. you can see hundreds if not thousands of people there. according to the security checkpoint person i spoke to he says
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from the end of the line through security checkpoints to take about 15 minutes maybe more may be less. they have of a checkpoint open it is just fine as far as getting through. take a look at this video we are monitoring the situation all over the country. here in chicago midway and o'hara. o'hara one of the busiest is not the busiest in the country. there is so much fog visibility is so poor there they have 250 flights in those two airports delayed and 50 cancellations. right now they may well change chicago to chifogo. that could impact out of as f o is the flights to not take off that will be delayed or never make it to san francisco. the connecting flight to hawaii san diego could be impacted. so far so good we
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did not seek cancellation or delay is. i have never traveled on the day before they is giving you have i guess this is the second time. >> yes this is my second time we travel to new york a few years ago it was crazy. what do you think about? the law was martin minutes ago so you actually did a favor waiting for this interview. what do you think about allies? >> when we walked in i said all know i was overwhelmed i was hoping we would be able to get back and our flight would not be delayed. >> what time is your flight? >> it is about a 20 a.m..8:20. >> people want to know if flight are the lay. everything is on time as of now. back to you dance. >> who came up with the chifigo thing.
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>> thank you will. we have pictures from the chicago area showing us how fabad the fog is. midway and o'hare impactive badly. >> back here in our area today from 9 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. $3 blue tickets will be available to those standing in line for the airport shuttle today and sunday lower trains will be running on the pittsburgh bay point line to help the passengers to and from sfo. tomorrow
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on as giving dave barr will run on a sunday schedule with service beginning at 8:00 a.m.. and on friday bar will run falling train starting at 6:00 a.m.. we are following the latest on violence in the middle east there was a bus explosion in televisa across from the military headquarters. the agency says the least 20 people were hurt in today's blast. the explosion comes amid an ongoing israeli operation against gauzes tomas rulers and that stopping palestinian rocket fire. u.s. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton has arrived in cairo in her diplomatic push to forge a truce between israel and hamas. she arrived just hours after this televisa bomb blast. the clinton will meet with aegis president mohammed morsi today to
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piece together a bill to interest israel is week-long the fence in the gaza strip, which is killed more than one to 30 palestinians. militant rocket fire into is ruska five israelis. >> bart is changing--the time is 7:10. and live look at the golden gate bridge the problems with traffic in this location we do see what rows the good news is showers will diminish throughout the morning wore on your forecast traffic in headlines will be right back.
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all come back to the kron for more morning news a quiet trading was a drop in the number of americans filing for unemployment as we. nasdaq is down a point it hasn't begun a point as well. the market is closed mocked on the open for a half-day on friday. >> in other business news one-third of u.s. consumers are thinking about buying an electronic tablet according to the latest poll they found that to 2 percent of people want of the hot devices said they plan to cut back on other spending purchases in order to afford them. outpour met the leader
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with 25 percent of polltakers bidding the tablets as a tablet of choice. 15 percent said they will buy amazons kindle fire. and another 15 percent say they won a samsung galaxy device only 8 percent named the newt i had mini at their first choice. the same percentage that would like to buy microsoft surface tablets. >> and the study finds that the average american family was in about $50 on things given been this year the price of the pay is giving dinner is a 2012 increase is slightly from its cost of $49 toys cent in 2011. analysts say the effects of the drought haven't been seen in retail prices yet in the drought affects will hit consumers wallets hardest within the next three to six months. >> will be back with the
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latest on the news and weather in traffic
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[ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit good morning welcome back to the kron 4 morning new storm tracker 4 is still lit up in the east bay. we do see heavy downpours especially overnight. the rain is tapering off making its way east and to our south. as a resume in around the bay area we're picking up light rain for highway 4. that is the only consistent part. at our last check we saw rain
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for the east shore freeway. it looks to be no more. drier conditions for walnut creek approaching the san ramon valley. things are drying out over interstate 580 the altamonte pass into downtown livermore. . >> we have seen out rain and milpitas the 880 corridor heading to san jose most of the lane is to the south. los gatos a boulder creek picking up heavier rain and the rest of the bay area. certainly be aware of that drive with extra caution as this before highway 17. rainfall totals in the past 24 hours 7 tenths of an inch a tense and napa. the rest of the san francisco bay-- some of the north bay higher elevations didn't reach 4 in. of rain. temperatures everyone is in the '50s. is
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a relatively modest art pretentious climb to the 67 this afternoon. 63 for san francisco. a degree warmer in concord. amid 60s in santa rosa. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows high pressure is going to build in over the west with that drive sunny skies and just in time for thanksgiving. no problems no umbrella necessary if you are waiting in line for black friday. 719 and enteri:19 on the clock. >> mostly fender benders and spin out on the freeways where cars are driving too fast. keep in mind to use extra caution and reduce your speed. is wet and slick we have had dozens of span out that in the past half- hour prefer sa francisco i
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looking muc. it will be slow as yet the incline heading to treasure island. looking good at the toll plaza the busy getting into san francisco. a quick look at traffic on 92 measure work your way across to send their bridge is crowded. it looks like there's moisture over the cemetery ridge give yourself extra time. the drive time has increased up to 20 minutes. between hayward and foster city. over to the map the east shore freeway had an earlier accident westbound 80 your near university avenue is out of the way perry off the westbound ride is still jammed up into the open maize you'll see a brief way as yet to the bay bridge toll plaza. up to the north bay the ride on the golden gate bridge traffic looking good here. it has been moving well into it out of the city across the bridge.
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as we switch back to the maps i will show you the flow of traffic coming of the north bay this is your right on highway 101. right around 37 as you work your way into san raphael as you saw from the shot up near the golden gate by the time you spent it is a the the ride will into severances go. >> thank you robyn a jury handouts' the death penalty to a man convicted of killing two people at the richmond san rafeal toll plaza. jurors deliberated for two days and determined that 49 year-old natan budrdrirris should be put to death this the video of sync. burris the mid to shooting and killing tow collected their bras and her friend were see everett the third. at the bridge toll plaza in 2009. purpose
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friend--prosecutors say burst thought ross never a bus driver with golden gate transit were romantically involved. burris at present it as a relationship with ross. burris of the dividends of during the trodden soldiers that the to deserve--slight or justified. >> police said the break-in at george washington carver elementary school occurred at 1:00 a.m. in the morning wears on 27 computers were reported gone neighbors are being interviewed to find that they saw or heard anything. >> that is quite said that they have taken from the kids especially in this neighborhood we are struggling with other issues. >> that is that how could they do that. >> they have taken away the education from the children they really need these computers. >> police estimate more than $40,000 and equipment was stolen. school officials said they will try to figure out to replace the
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equipment after thanksgiving break. >> san francisco has the green light to become the spot for some of the country's most apartments the board of supervisors have approved to change the building code reduces the minimum living space to 150 square feet when a kitchen that from the cause of our account for the unit will be too much 20s or free total. at maximum to people be allowed to live in the unit. >> will take a break it is seven:22. we have all the rain all morning long as a shot at the east bay as we look at 680 through the san ramon valley. widespread coverage is breaking up. we will get an updated look a bit. will get an updated look a bit. >> zñ2
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we are back take a look at this video showing hikers running away from a volcano that erupted in new zealand and volcano they were not expecting to erupt it has erupted for the second time in three much into the plumes of black smoke and ash going into the sky. scientists say the eruption of the completely off guard. you can see the mark running they all got away safely.
7:27 am
also the latest of the gulf of mexico for a search has been stopped and has been missing since last week explosion during an oil platform in the gulf of mexico. the missing crewmen jerome malagapo of the philippines was employed by grand isle shipyard the company said in a statement released tuesday night that they would focus on the victims and their families, including those injured in the incident. the body of 42 euro l. roy corporal was found over the weekend for the poor man in a hospital from burn injuries. the cause of the explosion and fire aboard the platform is under investigation. >> at the file as racist slant mawson is really a teenage boy has found a way to give citizens a warning to take cover in case of a rocket attack. it is a new
7:28 am
apple called color red and it is been downloaded more than one to 30,000 times. 18 year-old boy is behind the idea. he lives in beersheba a town along the gaza border often targeted by rockets. the act has worked so well even the israeli government is urging people to download it. we did see rain come through early this morning it looks like the rain is starting to diminish. the kron 4 morning news continues after the break.
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7:31 am
too bad especially this morning at the golden gate bridge. resuming and you can see concord walnut creek getting a break. you will need to use your windshield wipers for most of highway 4. dryer for the east shore freeway and no problems at the bay bridge. we are tracking a new cell over interstate 580 just leaving downtown livermore. a lot of the showers have pushed their way south and there's some residual lingering from l.p. as and parts of san jose. we are contending with some light rain for los gatos and the boulder creek area. we will see dryer conditions and clear conditions into the afternoon. temperatures as low 60s for most spots. upper 60s for inland areas. of a look at your forecast coming up in just a bit. robin? >> we do not have a lot of hot spots but we do have
7:32 am
some residual slowing. highway 4 is covering from a lot earlier accident on the pittsburg side. it is the twain 20 defect 252 they're miles an hour. but loosens up by the time you reach the concord side is to make the connection with highly 680. the nimitz freeway has slowed traffic southbound as you work your way out of san leandro. in 238 is close to hayward approaching 92 with more stopping the traffic for years southbound ride as you head towards fremont and the south bay. if you're headed to the oakland airport traffic is moving well on the oakland side of the nimitz freeway. now's a good time to head out the door. southbound as soon as you head to 38 is low through san leandro and to hayward and on towards fremont. >> today is a big travel day
7:33 am
and a lot of folks are leaving for the thanksgiving holiday. will tran has and keeping an eye on any potential delays at sfo. i know we have some weather that was threatening to delay flights but i don't think yet seen much on the board's right? >> not yet but the key word is potential. what's gone on the chicago with all the delays and cancellations we are hearing it is backed up for hours. if those flights did not take out off out of chicago they will not get here on time or even at all. your flight could be impacted. if your are at home all you care about is will show me the board. you can see two people in front of being arrival and departure boards. everything as saying on time. this is the first set of early- morning flights that were already here. the crews stayed overnight in san francisco. not a problem so far but speaking with the duty manager she says that
7:34 am
could quickly change depending on what is going on throughout the country. chicago is not dealing with snow typically but there is so much of the bear stopped right now. we have seen a lot of movement so far out of sfo and we shows about half an hour ago where the security checkpoint line was stretched pretty badly where it had a wraparound a few columns. not the case. you can see right there with looks pretty thick but from judging from its about seven minutes from the back through security checkpoints. so far so good as far as sfo. we will just have to wait and see when the f f a a update to its web site around 8:00 this morning. >> on the arrival board i thought i saw some in a set originally arriving at noon now arriving at 2 in the afternoon. i think more and more of those are going to show on wednesday ripple effect from chicago really kicks in. >> black friday is almost
7:35 am
here and shoppers are continuing to line up to get the morning is faster we turned to mike pelton. he is outside the best buy in pinole. people have their umbrellas and they are patiently waiting. good morning like. >> there is still quite late last. annie i have to tell you that some of these people are the nicest friendliest people that you'll find. they asked me if i needed coffee and they're very friendly and dedicated. the group on the screen there is the first bourbon line. some of them have done this for 16 years. come out to camp out in private stores to get black friday deals and they say it is all about saving big money on big ticket items. >> what i am going to get because i'm number one in line? the 40 in. flat panel 4179 the 50 in. flat panel
7:36 am
for 399. my daughter is going to get the exports bundle 4199. >> they're also going to try not to catch a cold. some of them slept in their cars rather than in their tents to try to keep out of the rain last night. there are 6¢ an line right now. if you're at home and wondering why you would do this opposed to sitting at the table on thanksgiving salinized meal that woman you just heard from, her mother is bringing thanksgiving to the parking lot here tomorrow afternoon. she would be re-entered the in staffing, the meal with all the fixings. not just that family will enjoy a but everyone in line will get some as well. there's plenty of space available. any of you come down and get in line you can also get a slice of turkey tomorrow. >> that all means that i would have to get out of my car to join them.
7:37 am
>> the talent and is claiming responsibility for the suicide bombing outside the military base in kabul today. they killed two afghan guards and wounded five civilians. the police believe the bombers were trying to attack the american base but were spotted by security guards as they approached the building. the attack came as afghan forces tighten their watch over the capital. there is a holiday on saturday when the shiite moslem is a comer at the death of >> today we have nurses that walked off the job. there fide contracts to replace the striking nurses. because of the contracts and hospital officials say the striking nurses one not be able to return to work until sunday. it comes as union
7:38 am
leaders and hospital officials remain at odds over health benefits, sick leave and a host of other issues. >> after a daylong strike employees will return to work today. they're upset about proposed salary and benefit cuts. it disrupted maritime operations but did not interrupt passenger service at the airport. they started monday at 9:00 p.m. and it ended last night. the oakland mayor of the two sides together for additional talks. the time now 737 a m and comi a live look. esau some rain but as erica has been mentioning the showers will start to taper off in the morning. making life for some dryer conditions this afternoon. we are right back with more headlines.
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>> a suggestion if you plan on getting sentences thanksgiving how about a group walked after dinner? a new study finds that a holiday meal with many of the germans has more than 1,600 cals at about 40 g of fat. that is no keeping portions or even seconds. if you do go overboard with the portions you could eat over 4,000 cals. that's about 2,000 cals more than muni in a day. to burn off the two extra 2,000 cals a 180 lb. person would have to walk briskly for five hours or more. >> you have to do it well. >> the preview party ahead of the 55th international auto show. you're looking at video from last year's show
7:43 am
but tonight's imitation of the event is 9:30 p.m. at runs november 22nd through the 26 and will feature more than 28 the world's major manufacturers. there'll be displaying a 2013 vehicles it will be funded out there and see what's on tap for next year. you can catch dr. phil right after the morning news coming up at 10. an episode where a 34 year-old mother of four is engaged to a 17 year-old boy. the couple since down with dr. phil. you do not want to miss it.
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>> attacking out to storm tracker 4, the heavy rain is behind us. portions of highway 4 at looks like the rest of the bay area as pretty much dried. you may run into a pot of drp up shower picking up some light rain in san jose but that is pretty much in it. a lot of the rain has pushed its way to our south and is moving closer and closer to monterey. here's a look of the system on radar and satellite it is a slow- moving system but brought a lot of wet weather to the
7:47 am
bay area. take a look at your storm fall totals rain over the past 24 hours. malraux go and oakland over an inch for downtown san francisco. visibility, if you're not running into rain you are probably contending with fog. down 3 mi. for fairfield and half monday. we got some rain in the as the u.s. and fog out there but we will see partial clearing into the afternoon. everyone is free much in the '60s. 61 for daly city oakland at 65, 64 expecting concord. 7 day around the bay shows dry conditions just in time for turkey day. a lot of folks will be a standing in line for black friday and that looks to be a dry one. mild and fair weather over the weekend and as we start the work next work we cit will be just a
7:48 am
little warmer than the seasonal average. >> we went into th with that decision. certainly evaluate our the course of this season. it was a difficult one for us. i believe it was the right thing to do. the object of thing to do. to wait for the conclusion of the season. while continuing to analyze and give jeff a chance. for us to give have a conversation. as i said before, i have the obligation to do what is right for cow. >> that was cal athletic director. good morning >> how are you doing james >> that seems like a pretty hard field statement that
7:49 am
they were giving him the boot. >> i guess that is how you feel when you don't want to do something. guys with the money and help build the stadium to you what to do you know? there is always more to this and people think it sounds cynical. i don't think she does woke up and said all right, and a fire him. especially college. when they build that new stadium, redid the stadium a lot of guys gave millions and millions of dollars to care about football. they did not want that for around and thought they could do better. the sudden they have to get rid of them they just think they could do better. you tell the athletic director that's what she wanted to. >> 11 years, winning is coasting cal history but we all know the better of his years have been early on. that is when he had erred and rogers. the thing that is mainly why he had some success?
7:50 am
>> he was there two years. he was there leaven and if you look at his record since the middle of 2007 it has not been so hot. prior to that he was good. that is the question. who do you get that is better? that is the key to this whole deal. if you get some big-name guy for what ever reason once to come to cal all right find. if you just get someone's assistant coach and it will take fiers to get done-we will see. he had been there 11 years you look around and they say we're tired of looking at you may be retired looking at us maybe this time. >> maybe it is. it's a ton while for together a short list. they said they're looking at the nfl and other colleges to find a coach. they've hired this firm a the aged are international.
7:51 am
is that common? >> that made me scratch my head. if you are the best athletic director and that is your function brad they're not the only school that does this but you need someone else to find someone plaza available? is in that year job? >> he's got 6.9 left on his contract. does he get all of that, how does that work? >> i would imagine that is that he will get it. that is what took so long. they met on sunday. if you are owed 6.9 to guy can say no i give me five and a half in cash now or else they can spread out over the three years remaining on the deal. there are all types of different things but, hey, the key to this whole thing is who is are they able to hire?
7:52 am
>> that is the past, let's look to the future. tomorrow we have thanksgiving turkey and football. >> the game in the evening with the jazz. --jets usually they get i'd say about $50,000 for a commercial. excuse me $500,000 for commercial they will get a million dollars for commercials. for this game in the evening. super bowl was higher but it is going to be the largest ever for a non superable game. >> pretty crazy i'm looking at this video. d.c. that turkey? >> we did this last night. watch james on top of the dallas one. it's like they put food there. the trade 2. >> the ports are his close to pick the games, is there food there?
7:53 am
>> there should be food there, there better be flu in marin. we start off the day with texans in detroit. >> i as i said you can't trust these turkeys anymore. i thought there's food on the games. that's dallas right? >> use seafood. --see food >>, you like for it by the way? >> i don't gamble. and the sports talk radio thing i fool around with. you don't do anything but football fix. i don't know james. >> that will be interesting. >> all of these games. they're expecting, i don't know why this year in particular but more people are going to eat and then
7:54 am
sit on their rear end and watched that new england and the jets. around 5:00 our time. >> you are off thursday and friday so we will see you monday is it? them not yes if you still will have me on >> people know a good thing when they see it. >> same as self-promotion. have a good thanksgiving. >> the yankee to. we will be right back.
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>> president obama and will continue an annual tradition today and part in at least one of to thanksgiving turkeys. the animal rights group p that is crying foul. you're looking at last year's pardoning. the year at this year their names are
7:58 am
gobbler and cobbler and they come from a virginia farm. there's a vote on th facebook seeing which one will be pardoned. the dow calls for it bthe dismissal of the tradition saying that it makes light of the slaughter of loss of innocent animals. they are calling for tahoe 40. >> it was raining earlier and it looks like a starting to trail off in just a little bit. we will have the forecast for you coming up in just a minute.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your
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kron 4 news it is get away wednesday as thousands of people get out of sfo at their day suggestions for thanksgiving. -- destinations >> a bus exploding in televisa injuring at least 10 people. we will have the latest as secretary of state hillary clinton visits the region. very clear whether heavy rain in the early morning hours. >> good morning mark let's take it over to storm tracker 4. those hours are tapering off. there is light rain in the east bay right now just west of walnut creek. 242 in concord and portions of highway 4 but the majority of the bay area is dry. you may run into some fog as well and light rain in the south bay. sports the wider use satellite and radar shows the wet weather pushing
8:02 am
close to monterey. i will have a look at what we can experienced some clearing in the afternoon and what is on tap for tomorrow coming up in my next report. >> we have a new trouble spot on highway 80. eastbound 780 at military west and accident where a truck spun out. fire crews are on scene, they have the right wing close to the accident out of the way. that is going on with your ride as you head to ease down 580. fire crews are working on some sort of fluids bill that was there before the accident. they have to get that clean up as well. no estimated time for clearing so again and has been raining. give yourself a lot of time and make sure you're driving at reduced speeds this morning. we had a couple of earlier morning fender benders and nothing major out there right now but it is sluggish, less than 50 mi. per hour as your westbound ride from san paolo into albany towards the berkeley area. no delays
8:03 am
for you as you work to way in to stem the cisco getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> travel delays at the airports in the bay ariane and nationwide as the big get away for thanksgiving continues. >> so far we have not seen that here but we are monitoring the situation. what is going on in chicago could ultimately and packed sfo and the 120,000 travelers expected to come and go through the airport. here is american airlines. the line gets bigger and smaller the ebb and flow throughout the morning. it looks like it's starting to pick up just a bit over their we do not have a crushing lines that we saw in years past. the crews are letting out a friday before thanksgiving calling it the busiest travel week of the year. we'll move the camera
8:04 am
over here there is a security checkpoint line. at one point we sought wrapped under our crown and we saw as far as the departures and arrivals board, but that was a while ago. all the words say on line as we zoom in. not just at this terminal but i walked over to united airlines. it is fine as well. here is chicago little earlier this morning. because visibility is so far as far as midway and our hair with all here being the busiest airport in the country. a lot of flights have to get there and refuel move on to sampras's go and the other airports. because of the terrible visibility that so far we have seen a few hundred delayed flights of, few dozen cancellations. i cannot give you hard numbers because it continues to change. the backup is maybe for five hours. for whatever reason i'm still
8:05 am
getting ahead of hold of the de manager and we have not seen the ripple effect. that could change as far as the afternoon flights. the reason we haven't seen it here is because the planes and crews are already here overnight. they were ready to go as soon as their flight was ready to leave around six or 7:00 this morning. come 1011 as well as one we could see the domino of fact. they're still advising sunny rain it does not matter gear least 90 minutes to two hours before your flight. things could rapidly change. >> the salvation army's annual turkey then starts to lessen the half-hour from now. this is a car off between the san francisco fire and police departments. as part of a thanksgiving meal delivery program. celebrities include the police chief's wife and police chief in san francisco. we will bring you live coverage of the venison as it gets under way.
8:06 am
new this morning there is an explosion on a bus ride across the military headquarters in palo leave. here is video of the bus explosion, videos blowing out there. new video coming in from gaza city with some fresh air strikes from israeli forces. this is our ongoing israeli forces against god as a mosque brewers. there trying to stop the rocket fire anti- israel. secretary clinton has arrived in cairo with heard the diplomatic push to end the fighting. 130 palestinians have been killed and five israelis have been killed by rocket fire. a oakland authorities for covering the body of a man who fell into a quarry. he fell in the pond last night. the authorities found the body this morning. they
8:07 am
describe the pond as a body of water surrounded by steep cliffs. he the victim fell in the quarry last night and beat name has not been released. they're still investigating as to why he felt no water. a quiet trading day. wall street closed tomorrow and then opens for a half a day of trading on friday. the numbers for unemployment coming out this morning is down from last week. u.s. consumers are thinking about buying electronic tablets this season. 22 percent of those one those devices implanted cut back on other purchases in order to pay for their tablets. ipad remains a leader 25 percent of people say they will buy one of those. 15 percent in new kindle fire, galaxy tablets 15 percent of those an ipad many's make up
8:08 am
8% in the surface from microsoft is the other 8 percent. we'll be back with more as the kron4 news continues. muni is doubling their service as we see more people head out with thanksgiving traffic. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t.
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8:10 am
much of its 04 bay area marine killed earlier this month. a was shot and
8:11 am
killed in november 13th after he reportedly had an officer with a car and refuse to stop. his family lives in fremont. they say they do not believe the police department story. they insisted that iran that recently returned from afghanistan is being turned into a criminal. >> he was smart wrote murdered. he was murdered by trigger happy policeman and we want justice for that. they need to face the murder that they committed. >> they gather inside the mortuary and walk past his flag draped casket to played their last respects. -- pay starting this weekend muni will be doubling their
8:12 am
service. last week muni started the route 76 fax weekend service from sampras's go to them on at once. the 76 x weekend express is a pilot project. during this time to look at travel time, reliability and the demand for service. we back as the kron4 news continues and falling to hot spots in the east bay. robin will cover that. also watching traffic on the stem a tale bridge a bit of a slowdown in the westbound direction. not too bad for this holiday season.
8:13 am
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bonded together by a perfectly aged, all natural, tasty... gooey... blanket of love. >> we were expecting light traffic today but there is some hot spots in the east bay. let's get an update from robin
8:16 am
>> could morning the number of accidents is starting to decrease a little as the rain is tapering off. we have a hot spot on highway 780 east down at military west. with the right lane as close with fire crews dealing awith an accident. it will be slow between military westbound highway 80. give yourself extra time if that is your commute direction. another trouble spot in the same area there was a major trouble spot this morning. another big rig accident eastbound 580 and livermore. livermore towards the also not give yourself extra time the two middle lanes blocked there. we still have the normal commute traffic and the westbound direction as you work to way in livermore towards pleasanton. downtown oakland will slow down your northbound commute. doing just fine drive the morning but now couple of fender benders one near 71 near broadway both on the northbound side. give
8:17 am
yourself extra time and also there's a high volume of traffic headed to the port of oakland. several trucks popping off at seventh street. the seventh street off ramp from the nimitz freeway tied up as well. lights off no delays a good-looking right across the upper deck still a high volume of traffic on the same mateo bridge but no problems there. give yourself extra time as you work away from the nimitz freeway across the span head out towards one-on-one. across the golden gate is looking good but keep in mind is wet out there so you still need to drive at a risk deduced speed as you work your way around the bay. >> that is a gloomy stock over the golden gate bridge ride now. a lot of cloud cover gray skies and all the moisture. storm tracker 4 shows it is currently raining for some of the east bay. 242 highway 24 easno issues for the south bay
8:18 am
just light rain around milpitas. we are in dry and sunnyvale. the wider view of radar and satellite shows moisture is continuing its way east and to our south and picking up some light rain in the monterey area. so too warm to snow right now on the lake tahoe area. we're seeing rain there with temperatures sitting in the mid-40s. if you're headed in that direction for the holiday weekend chains are currently not required we have a lot of iran and shove and a half for downtown san francisco rain. we did not see too much rain in the south bay and if you're not contending with what roadway's you're contending with some fog. 3 mi. of visibility in concord and half moon bay. dry with extra caution in mountain view you are only saying up to 4 mi. there for parts of highway 1 01. temperatures at, it will be a mild to cool day with low 60s for
8:19 am
san francisco in daly city. fairfield is coming in at 66 degrees. 7 day around the bay forecast shows drive rather on tap for thanksgiving and beyond. >> the amount of greenhouse gases in the am atmosphere at says of the world beyond baby on a dangerous course for global warming. 90 parts per million and 2011 is a sharp rise from the pre industrial area level of 280 parts per million. a jury hands on the death penalty for a man convicted of killing two people of the richmond center fell toll plaza. jurors deliberated for two days and determined that 20 year-old nathan burris should be put to death. burris admitted to
8:20 am
shooting and killing co- worker deborah ross and her co-worker elsie average the third. he thought the two were romantically involved. he had previously been in a relationship with ross and told the jurors that the slayings were justified. a person was hit and kill and ease of win yesterday by an amtrak train that was added to sacramento. investigators say the accident happened last night just before 7 at the intersection of 105th and enos ave. none of the 160 passengers on board were injured. dozens of computers and other equipment stolen from washingeorge washington carver elementary occurred at 1 in the morning. neighbors are being interviewed to see if they saw anything. >> it is sad that they are taking from the kids.
8:21 am
especially in this neighborhood, we are already struggling with other issues. >> that is so sad how can you do that? it's for the kids for their future. >> they are taking the education away from the children. they really need these computers. >> police are saying $40,000 in computers or stolen. school officials will try to figure out how replaced these computers after the thanksgiving break. oakland police at up looking for suspects and cellphone robberies. a woman walking on the 44th block of webster street north oakland was robbed of her the cellphone by three suspects. minutes later a few blocks away the robbers struck again. they did not know the the cell phones gave away. the suspects were to juvenile and adult. they were tracked down to a soft word cell phone tracking software. tense moments in new zealand as a volcano erupts with
8:22 am
hikers nearby, we'll have details ahead. and a live look at the top six thickening up at mt. tam. we will be right back. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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8:24 am
among holiday kil >> and 2011 over 50,000 visitors in the arts and $50
8:25 am
billion attending shows like the christmas spectacular. shopping on fifth avenue and riding around the line. super storm sandy has guaranteed that that record will not be topped. the world's biggest financial companies reopened quickly but that is not the case for many smaller shops and businesses in the area. also a tourist attractions like the nearby state of larry. -- statue of liberty >> we had almost a million last year and i'm hoping that they will come to see what we have this year. >> down the jersey shore they are worried about the summer. >> the boardwalk we walked on together this summer breeding residence and talk to business owners is gone. >> tourism is a $38 million
8:26 am
industry in new jersey. the new jersey tourism board says it is too early to estimate the upcoming season. atlantic city casinos like bally's and about and already taken a hit. casino revenues were down 20% in october. >> my sense is that in the short term if you look at revenue numbers that may come in for october/november you may see something in our production. on the flip side come december through next june and beyond you may see it be much brisker than we thought it would be because of the circumstances that have been forced on our state. >> getting into new york and new jersey is no longer a problem. amtrak estimates the busy thanksgiving day wallace trains and lines are fully operational. damage and lost revenue cost the company tens of millions of dollars. service has been restored to most lines. it
8:27 am
is too early to know how much sandy will cost them and the same can be said for new york and new jersey where the long-term costs for super storm sandy will be self revere. >> we have video coming in of a hiker is running for their lives as a volcano started erupting in new zealand. it erupted for the second time in three months with black plumes of smoke coming up and people screaming in the background. scientists to monitor the mountain say that the russian was completely unexpected. everyone was able to get off the mountain safely. the search has stop for a missing worker from last week. the company said in a statement released last night that they would focus on the victims and their families including those injured in the accident. the
8:28 am
body of 42 year-old al right corporal was found over the weekend. 4 people remain in the hospital would burn injuries. because of the explosion and fire is still under investigation. we'll be back as the kron4 news continues. we'll have an update on what is happening at sfo as travelers are hunkering down with the way across the nation. a live look over the bay bridge as the rains tapered off. we do have some backups and hot spots over in the eight east bay. we'll be back in two minutes when the kron4 news continues.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> i got a hold of the duty manager and i asked him why we have not seen the ripple effect. she stated that most of the early flights are gone and we did not see the impact. here is a video that we receive from chicago this morning. their visibility was so bad that it infected their travel not just at fso but at other areas as well. so far so good according to fso--we're
8:32 am
hearing that although the airport is fine the commerce are empty and the checkpoints are pretty steady. we are hearing that the tough part is getting the traffic on 101 due to the weather apparently 43-- once you get here you should be okay for now. >> more on our bay area weather. >> the rain is pretty much out of here and storm tracker 4 is showing that we do have a wide spread of the rain. you may need to use your windshield wipers. we
8:33 am
are drive for the peninsula and we do have left over showers the stuff out pizza. it is cloudy and we are still contending with some fog. we could all chactually see these conditions be calmer and it will be a cold one and your overnight low be back in the '40's. i will break down your extended forecast and what you should expect on thanksgiving. >> several high spots so let's start with the trouble spot in benicia. an accident here involves a truck that spun out. the right lane is still closed. fire crews are still unseen. it is pretty much in the clearing area so you still need to give yourself some time. the
8:34 am
trouble spot in all to mount path on eastbound 580 is very close to the area where we had a major crash this morning very we have another problem and the three left lanes are closed. this will deftly shodefinitely slow down r eastbound ride. it is just slow and northbound traffic is heavy from the coliseum heading into a downtown san francisco. >> the turkey carving he bent is on the way. this is due to the fire department and the police i am here at the live center and you can see that turkeys are in place and we're starting to see people show up for the
8:35 am
car vote off. the police officers and fire fighters are going to be going head to toe. this is a way for them to get the community together and they have about 150 turkeys that need to be carved. they want to get these carved and ready to go. about 5000 people are unable to get out for a thanksgiving so they will deliver the turkeys to their homes. you can see that there's probably 35 turkeys are on the table and at the head table we expect to see the chief of police and fire chief. this is a great time for volunteers and they're still looking for more volunteers at the salvation army. they stated that you can go on their web site and click on the volunteer site
8:36 am
and you can still come out and help do and deliveries of the turkeys. >> the stories that we're watching is the rain is not stopping the nurses from walking the picket lines. these nurses at 10 bay area hospitals walk off the job. the hospitals did hire replacements and there on friday contracts. the nurses will be locked out until then. hospital officials stated that the striking nurses will not be able to return to work on to a sunday. this comes because union leaders and house ohospitl leaders cannot, with an agreement. >> this strike disrupted marathon operations. they
8:37 am
started the strike on monday at 9:00 p.m. and oakland mayor stated that he brought the two sides together to talk. >> we will take you out or more tents have been set up outside of a best buy store. they're camping out due to black friday. 0ñ@ñ
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> the black friday shopping bills are almost here. people have been camping out earlier and earlier. >> everyone in line has awakened and they have had their coffee. this group is the first in line and they have been out here since sunday afternoon. this stated that they have done this for 16 years and they are trying to be the first ones in line to get the deals. this best buy does not open until midnight friday morning so they still have a few ways to go. they stated that is all worth it so that save money on big- ticket items. they're looking to get tvs and x boxes. >> to just be out here to get the deals will save you a lot of money. >> when did you get here?
8:41 am
>> sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.. >> what you said people will look vigilance say you are crazy? >> maybe i am. but this is a tradition and i am out here have a good time. >> this stated that will have their thanksgiving meal out here in the parking lot. if she stated that her mother will bring card thanksgiving meal here so not only her family will enjoy but everyone else in line can enjoy it as well. >> i will show you that only about six tenths in line and is read one as a less on the line. there's still a lot of places for you to stand. there's plenty of room left and the store will open up at midnight on friday. >> we will be right back as kron 4 news continue. we do
8:42 am
have a secret thanksgiving day recipe that embalms a turkey and a 20.
8:43 am
8:44 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces,
8:45 am
what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our >> make sure that you are giving yourself extra time because there are a lot of trouble spots. we have a another hot spot on highway 580. this is the same area where we had a semi truck that crashed earlier. this is east mount 580 between green veil and the three left lanes are blocked. this is the direction--it is not too bad but you should leave early just to give her some more time. >> there are no major hot spots but there are a few
8:46 am
fender benders mixed in with some stalls. a lot of folks are heading to the airport so if you have to use 80 make sure you give yourself a lot of time. the southbound side is slow heading to fremont. traffic still looks good heading into san francisco there are no lights or delays. there is a trouble spot on city street and it has been raining. we have two lanes of traffic that is split. just keep this in mind if you are on city street in san francisco. it is a nice easy ride on 1 01 as across the golden gate bridge. >> storm tracker 4 is
8:47 am
picking up a light rain that is lingering. it is over walnut creek and over portions of--you may still need to use your windshield wipers but the rain is pretty much out of are here. our hair. we did get up to 4 in. are rain for some of the higher elevations. if you are not dealing with wet grain that you are just dealing with fog. as we head into afternoon it looks like some of the clouds will start apart. we may actually see some brits of sunshine letter on today. napa is as 65 degrees and 66 is
8:48 am
expected in livermore. >> high pressure will pick and over the west and dry and sunny conditions will be just in time for turkey day. a lot of people will be waiting outside for black friday and it looks to be dry. saturday and sunday looks to be dry. we do not have any wet weather to talk about in the extended forecast. >> san francisco law makers are proving--this order as will prohibit nudity. this measure is response to people who make complaints about men who kept going to almost every day. protesters said is that this is their right to bear all. >> we were born and our birthday suits and we should be able to show our birthday suits whenever want to. they will get a hundred dollar fine if they are caught. the
8:49 am
third violation will be charged as a misdemeanor with a $500 fine and a year in jail. there is are ready if federal lawsuit that is try to block this band. >> san francisco has the green light to become the place with the smallest apartments. this reduces the minimum living space to 10 by 15. you will have just the kitchen, bath room and bedroom. a maximum two people only be allowed to live and the units. >> the elmo character will live long even though the puppeteer resigned due to sexual abuse allegations. this stated that puppeteers have been trained to do the voice of elmo. they are confident that at almost the remaining part of sesame street. he is accused of having a relationship with
8:50 am
that boy when he was 15 years old. he is now a man and he has filed a lawsuit against him. another man accused him as well as having an inappropriate relationship. he said that the new allegations is the reason that he chose to leave. >> president obama will-- here is video of last year's pardon and the two-stashed the public was able to vote and they will say which one will become the national turkey. they want to just skip this and said that it does make light of that stashed the letter asks them to go lynen to choose a different piece for there and steve mills. >> the fate of twinkies have been in the new. this man is
8:51 am
putting twinkies and his turkey. it >> what you get when you combine a turkey with a bunch of twinkies. i am serious. your mother's told to put twinkies and a turkey? >> it is not what you say. she did not sub. is up but circuit. but because he did not like turkey and he did like twinkies his mother stated that she would- >> here is a recipe. the cream your twinkie. >> rub the turkey with the cream from a 20 and this will give your turkey a creamy glaze. you should crumble the rest of the 24- stashed they added about 10
8:52 am
twinkies. >> if they were old '20s it would be different. you should cook the bird and the presentation took place at kennedy's restaurant. it was time for the turkey 20 taste tests. >> i do not taste and a 20. >> it, and this is hard to det >> once you have survived twinkies hot dog buns drizzle with cheese whiz. what is a little bit of twinkies. >> we will be right back as kron 4 news continues. >> in legal and in love. a 30 year-old mother is
8:53 am
engaged to a 17 year-old boy this will be coming up on dr. phil. there is no more heartbreaking a sight than the sad. the exposed. the public testament to unrealized potential in such epic proportion. conversely, there is nothing more glorious...
8:54 am
than the last minute comeback.
8:55 am
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same great price. two whole years. price promise. [ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ >> sampras's goals center wall hol international autosan d their international all show. this year's model show runs from tamara to the 26. it will feature more than 38 vehicles. >> a suggestion that if tend to get suggesseconds these have about 1,600 cals and 400 g of fat. if you go
8:57 am
overboard you can be eating 4,000 cals in a male. this is about 2,000 cals than what most people need and a day. >> still ahead we have common in the major travel delays coming up. we are waiting to see in the rubble of sex at fso. we will have a live report coming up. >effect at fso. we are watching travel hot spots and there was an accident and we have been tracking this. we will have more on
8:58 am
your weather forecast period. thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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9:00 am
>> thank you for joining us. we're watching traffic at bay area airports. there are delays across chicago and the rest of the big west. to >> we are watching the violence in the middle east. there are new rounds of violence which is to release and attacks. there is a bus that exploded and injured 10 people. >> we are watching bay area traffic and what a difference a few hours makes. we do have more with traffic tosspots. >> we are looking at much better conditions right now
9:01 am
because a lot of the rain is starting to taper off. most of the rain now is out to the eas and for our are our friends in the east bay. wall creek and then they'll we can see crossing then enter say that we do have light rain. we are looking at actually drying conditions and there are still if you cloudy skies. the afternoon you should expect to see gradual clearing. this evening it will be clear skies and the winds will be a lot calmer. is to be a pretty nice evening. >> we still have a hot spot out there and started out in san francisco. although the rain is tapering off you are still driving on wet
9:02 am
pavement and you should still drive saved and reduce your speech. san francisco downtown northbound admission the two right lanes are completely flooded. this is an area that you should avoid. if this was backing up traffic all the way to the at&t park. once again heavy flooding on san francisco city streets. this is near the embarcadero and mission streets. this is a stretch that you should avoid. >> all lanes are open on 583 green bell. we did have a crash involving a jackknife but it has been cleared. all lanes are now open is off to the shoulder. it is still slow. >> and the holiday getaway continues on this wednesday. will tran is at fso watching
9:03 am
travelers. >> there are no problems. everything is taking off on time. as you can see the board behind and they have not switched any say from blaze to cancel. we have been watching this situation is a big hug. a lot of these flags fly from chicago and if these flies do not take off and that means they do not land here and you cannot connect on your flight to your destination. here is video that we receive from chicago this morning and i got off the phone with the duty manager and she stated that the fault is starting to lift so there delays may be just 20 to 60 minutes out of o'hare periods this is the nation's most busiest airport. >> the flies are starting to take off and whether this will impact your ride are
9:04 am
not. she stated that this is up for fso to decide. she stated if we do see delays or cancellations them with all of this backlog if we do see this than a probable see late this morning or maybe early afternoon. so far the ripple effect has now reached here so this is why you did not see people frustrated. the security check line is all gone and you concede that the ticket counters are not a problem as well. this used to be this busiest travel day of the year but because schools are letting the kids out as early as less fried buried monday in is not the busiest travel week of the year. >> the salvation army's
9:05 am
annual car been yvette's is under way. it is a card off with the police and the fire department. the celebrity cars are san francisco's mayor and the fire chief. they >> hear in the >> room we are develop nethis is a city skate and we are watching to see if there will be any more explosions. the secretary of state hillary clinton has been going across the middle east trying to engage in truce talks. as this is going on we did have today
9:06 am
is really officials stated that a bus exploded in tel aviv. this is the latest we have been watching and they said at least 20 people were hurt and is a blast and its expulsion is due to an operation against guys the cityzagaza city. she headed to the middle east should try to get your hands on the situation. she did meet with egyptian officials and leaders of is a row. she is trying to get negotiations and talks. will have to wait and see if there has been any progress. this is the latest that we are seeing. >> watching wall street and
9:07 am
the dow jones. it they had a few slight gains at the dow is up by 20 points. we will have more on the markets with rob black with our winners and losers. we will have this coming up in about 10 minutes. >> oakland of stories are recovering a body from a man who fell into a pond. they found his body early in the morning and they are describing the area--he fell into this area and the victim name has not yet been released. there are still trying to figure why he fell into this. >> one-third of u.s. consumers are thinking about bond electronic tablet for this holiday season. 22 percent people stated that it plans to cut back on other holiday purchases in order so they could afford it tablet. there are mined ipad according to 25% of
9:08 am
people. the new kendall fire is coming in at 15% and the samsung galaxy is coming in also is 15% the new microsoft surfaced have led is being chosen by 8% of people. >> a new study found that the average american family will spend $50 on banks giving meals. the price of a textile mill increase slightly from the cost of $49.20 leisure. analysts said that the effect of the drought has not been seen in retail prices yet. they stated that this may hit within the next three to six months. >> here's a live look outside and we are saying all of the sunshine breaking out. traffic is very light ♪
9:09 am
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> a visual for a bay area marine that was killed with a confrontation. alan the second was killed by palm springs police on november the 13th. he hit an officer with his car and he refused to stop. they stated that his family does not believe the police men's
9:12 am
store. the father said that he is born to be issuinpressing charges against the police department. >> we want justice for this and they do need to face the murder that they committed. >> people were gathered here in the mortuary and they walked past his coffin to pay their last respects. the family stated that they should have protocol changes on how police to handle these situations. >> mill they will be doubling their service and this is a partnership between the park service and the transit center. they started a route 76 x. this act will be a pilot program for two years. during this time muni will look at the travel time and the demand for this extended service. >> we will be right back as
9:13 am
kron 4 news continued. we're getting some sunshine from the bay area and we are seeing light traffic on the bay bridge.
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> here is what they have
9:16 am
made and coffee machines. this is a category that has failed to $1.2 billion. that will have a great quarter and i have a cure rate coffee machine. i need the starbucks time. >>kind. >> this is a new category and not think that will be a winner. i do not own shares of starbucks but that will have a good year. >> that will make big money on pots. this is kind of like the printers and cartridges. >> h-p sought a 22% down and usage. starbucks stated that they will sta
9:17 am
>> we're talking about airlines and who is the winners and losers. >> americans are spending less on flights and airlines have cut capacity. their huge winners whether they do good and holiday travel and an obdurate i will no longer call this thanksgiving i will call this teen getting. >> if you can fly that is given that you can come back best-this is the fourth here since we have say a decrease. the cost of flies are up and their averages about 48 hours career
9:18 am
flights are a little bit more expensive dish share vs. pleasure. >> there down by 5% as of july the fourth spirit >> we feel that we will be flying more? >> i think that next year will have a good economy in trouble will do well. >> we're talking about tablets we stated that a lot of people will be binding. >> kids want tablets and mattel and hasbro are all factored in. toys r us are so worried about losing sales that they have brought out a tablet that comes pre order to with angry birds. the world is moving forward to tablets and i do love them. >> thank you rot.
9:19 am
>> let's get the update on our traffic and weather. >> people can other questions to rob black dot com. >> how the west are saving for retirement? >> you need to start and have about $10,000 by age 25. you should start by going on mit that come here is say website--10 percent of it you should save and it will start at a. further you should increased education and that is the best advice i can give you. save 10% of
9:20 am
their paycheck. >> we will start doing your questions for rob because it gives great advice. >> if you did not bother to get up early to his throat and to get out of town and i think it was a good idea for you. a lot of the showers are mold off to the spirit we have no rain in the media bay area aflutter out towards brentwood in any hot we do have a sprinkler to. you can see there's none of lot of activity taking place and as far as the precipitation is concerned- bearish you can see that this storm system came down and headed--it created snow and st. paul. this is only
9:21 am
for the high-level area and maybe it will be to the five digits.2 to 5 inches. there is a gradual clearing and tomorrow it will be a lot of sunshine. admixture of sun and clouds and we're looking at milder temperatures for the weekend. there is no excuse for you to get out and work off your thanksgiving day meal. oakland assess 68 degrees and 58 for downtown san francisco. >> it is upper 50s for napa and redwood city is coming in at 59 degrees. the temperatures for today by 2:00 p.m. will be in the '60s. we should be close to average. by 7:00 p.m. the temperatures for core down
9:22 am
and this is where you will see the court down. yoh for today and for your wins that will be 65 degrees in santa clara and mountain view. 67 degrees for loss gatos and head into the east bay temperatures for walnut creek will get up to 64 degrees. it will be 66 degrees for danville. for the north bay temperatures will be in the low 60's for in a bottle and petaluma. downtown san francisco will get to the about 63 degrees. >> the milder conditions continue and turkey day looks great. there will be a lot sunshine and it will be dry. look as saturday's weather will be close to 70 degrees in certain spots.
9:23 am
this is a great holiday shopping whether you have no rain to deal with even through monday and tuesday. ohio region to the mid-60s. the time is on 9:22 a.m.. >> we have a trouble spot in downtown san francisco along the embarcadero. this is a area that you should avoid duty to line is being flooded. the traffic is all back up and the two right lanes are closed and traffic is backed up all the way out to second. this is causing some pretty heavy delays. you can hop on to main street and you can use this as an alternate. if there is no word yet as to when the crews will have this water cleared up. >> a new fender bender is on eastbound 580 at green
9:24 am
bill. this is the third accident in the same area. we have this fender bender and it is still slow on friday. your westbound right is crowded as well. if you are heading out toward the south bay the traffic is looking better. it looks like you are delay free for your south bound ride on the freeway. if you're headed to the freeway 101 should be okay and both ways. >> a nice ride across to the san mateo bridge although we do have more cars heading west. if there's still no major backups. the traffic is still smoltz. >> a quick break as kron 4 news continue. the roadways are still wets. >>
9:25 am
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9:28 am
line here is live pictures to show you. this is the portal oakland or receive long lines of big rigs that are all loaded with goods. either way there is a backlog here and a lot of this is contributing to the strike that the port of oakland walk first staged. the backlog everything by a day. some of the drivers that were stuck in this backup on the debit protesters speculating that day may have goods and they are scheduled to be delivered to a certain stores were tried to stock up for black friday. some of
9:29 am
these wars are coming through because that is as we do not know how long will take for them to work to this. it is 9:28 a.m. and will take a break.
9:30 am
9:31 am
line kron 4 urs will tran has been watching conditions at fso. >> you could have a problem because flies in chicago may be delayed. we do not see this so far because chicago flights are starting to take off. they were flooded with fog and the duty manager stated that the fog is lifting in the flights cannot take off. the delay out of chicago would be about 15 to 20 minutes. the pilots can make up this time. you concede at terminal 2 that it is in the right now and we were anticipating that we would
9:32 am
see a backlog of passengers because of the chicago flights not arriving here. >> so far we have not seen a ripple effect and the reason why is because the early morning flights are already here. this is the easiest time all morning long and it should pick up as the morning progresses. the heaviest traffic will be laid afternoon and it is no longer the busiest travel day of the year. you can thank the schools for making it a little bit easier because a lot of schools let the children out on friday and it begins on monday. they are calling this the busiest travel week instead of the week. >> if you are coming back on sunday if this will probably the busiest travel day of the entire week. >> back here in the bay area
9:33 am
we are watching weather and traffic. >> we are looking at storm tracker 4 and as you mentioned we are looking at the rain and a lot of it has moved out. some parts of the south bay just how tough walnut creek we had some scattered showers and it was just light. east of redwood city just south of foster city you are looking areas where there are live right. a lot of these clouds are diminishing and it should be a pretty nice day. there are basically heading east and south. if you are going to be heading out, anytime
9:34 am
soon you should be encountering drier conditions. tomorrow it will be a pleasant thanksgiving and it will be near average highs. you should have some ice conditions and we are looking for to some milder temperatures. >> as temperatures in downtown san francisco was at 59 degrees. oakland is waking up to 60 degrees and livermore is in the upper 50s. when i return i will break down the forecast for you. >> we still have slow spots and some trouble spots. there is trouble in downtown san francisco due to flooding. it is no longer rain but you are driving on with roads. you do have to drive careful and make sure you are driving on reduce these. this is northbound
9:35 am
near mission. alas check the traffic was backed up all the way out to at&t park. this is also affecting your traffic coming down to san francisco. this is a place you can avoid and you can hop on main street to avoid this. it southbound 680 is a it overturned accident. it is off to the shoulder but it is attracting a lot of attention. >> we are watching the salvation army annual carving day. this is say a card off a competition with the police department and the fire department. >> who is winning? >> no one yet. they have not started yet. some of the police officers are carving away as they go. the program is underway but the carving has not started. >> this is the 50th here
9:36 am
that they have done this and they expect to car about a hundred and 50 turkeys. >> we do have the chief of police along with the fire department chief and we have not had a chance to talk to them. >> this is just a chance for us to give back and we are blessed to have the things that we have. we will have the big mill tomorrow and to be able to do this for those who do not have as much is the least that we can do periods we figured there was shot in numbers and take all the spots first and then now they can carry what we have card. >> they will carboy hundred and 50 turkeys and these turkeys will go to about 5000 people who are inside their homes and will not be
9:37 am
able to get out. these turkey dinners will be delivered tomorrow afternoon and they do still need volunteers. if you like to help you can go on the salvation army website and click on volunteer. we're hoping to get the program underway in about 10 minutes. >> we will be right back as kron 4 news continues. we will have an update on a developing story that we are falling. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese; the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees
9:38 am
of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented.
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9:40 am
>> we lost our chopper over oakland. this is a big backlog of trucks that are trying to get into the ports. this is doing to a strike yesterday. >> on to black friday shoppers have been lining up all week. >> everyone in line are
9:41 am
awake and they have had their coffee. as you can see this group is the first people in line and they stated that they came out here sunday afternoon and this stated that they have done this for 16 years. they stated that they always make sure that there the first ones in line. this best buy does not open until friday morning so they still have a ways to go. >> they stated that it is all worth it because it was seventh few hundred dollars. there are looking to get the bees and x boxes. they stated that it is about the experience. >> it is an experience to just be out here and i have met a lot of nice people out here. >> what do you say to people who looked at this and say that you are crazy. >> this is a tradition and we're just out here with great people have a good time. >> they're planning to have
9:42 am
their tanks giving meals in the parking lot and this woman that just spoke stated that her mother will bring a meal with all the fixings. not only were family but arrest of the well as well. they will get the opportunity that have thanksgiving and i will show you here is that only about six of them are in line and is read one will be the last one in line. there's plenty best-there's plenty of room left and this store will open at midnight on friday and a lot of excitement is out here for the bills. >> will take a quick break as kron 4 news continued. will take a look to see that when this happened in san jose on 1 01 southbound. we're also watchin
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> egypt has announced a cease-fire the fact of when
9:46 am
stating their time which will be about 2:00 p.m. our time on the west coast. this new scums due to hillary clinton talking to them in truce talks. egypt's president announce this alongside hillary clinton in jerusalem. the race lee prime minister stated that he agreed to it after a phone conversation that he had with president obama. we will see whether or not this will hold. >> now for kron 4 text reports with gabe slate. >> intel is a new breed of portable computers. they are expected to be one of the hot holiday gifts. all true books are part tablet part laptop. they're very thin and these are easy to take a
9:47 am
run with the we were on the go. the new intel all true book runs on windows 8 operating system. the idea is that they can be what you need at that particular moment. >> you can flip it and turn it into a tablet. this is is what will design from dale and is wobbles back and forth from tablet mold to laptop mold. this is a really nice way for you did the best of both worlds. some models the screen will even possible for you and you can't walk away with it. bob all true book and tablet mold and-a- >> one thing about this is that the capability is for you to take in the social feet and all the things and you will have live tiles that will cost of the update your information. you did a full press keyboard and when
9:48 am
you want to consume and just watched a video you could just flip it into tablet mold and you can enjoy this wears well. >> the hottest holiday season games for the x bought will be need for speed. this is also available for your computers. this game by d.a. is perfect for anyone who likes car racing. to win one of these log on to kron 4 that come and look for the enter to win button. >> good morning everyone we are here with your weather. you could see that a lot of the rain has moved on and we are still seeing some areas that are still scattered with showers. you'll see the
9:49 am
yellow and you can see out to walnut creek and comfort that it is mostly light traffic. this is expected to diminish and san carlos you also have a little bit of light rain as well. it looks like most rain has moved on off to the east and we are looking at clearing conditions for the afternoon. this evening the skies will be clear and if you are heading out of town this will be good news for you. this is actually producing some snow in the mountains and we do have a winter weather and biographer topple. this is one to be a busy snow level. it may be two to 5 in. and it may be very windy. you should be careful. where are expected high pressures to take hold. temperatures
9:50 am
right now daly city is at 56 degrees and san mateo is coming in at 59 degrees. oakland is is 60 degrees and napa is in the more 60s. temperature rise is feels pretty good outside. the temperature to o'clock what be in the '60s and a couple of spots will be in the '50s. put this into motion and that by 7:00 p.m. this evening was a widespread 60's for th period 66 degrees fr candle and fremont will be as 64 degrees. most of us will be a round average never take a few degrees. 67 for pleasanton and mid 60's for fairfield. in the north bay our friends will have
9:51 am
more 60s for nevada and downtown san francisco where the at about 60 degrees. >> the 7 day around the bay forecast shows a there will be lingering showers for tomor. a loss of sunshine and a high will be in the mid-60s. friday and saturday will warm-up the to the upper 60s close to 70 by saturday. it would be great shopping weather and great weather to get your post that is given that run them. even monday and tuesday will be looking to be dry. the time is now on 9:51 a.m.. >> we are just starting to quiet down and we do have a new hot spot in the east bay. let's look at the traffic map and we will have to snow and this is a hot spot at northbound 6 a. this is an overturn accident involving a gene that flipped over. the two right
9:52 am
lanes are blocked by emergency crews and the traffic is slowing down. if this is your commute direction you should give yourself a lot of time. >> 580 had two earlier accidents and they were by greendale and they're both out of the way. the traffic is moving--check your ride to downtown san francisco it is not looking very good on city streets due to flooding. this is that embarcadero and mission streets. this is backed up all abouall the way to at&t paru can hop over to main street and you can geused this as an alternate periods >> you're ride across the golden gate bridge we still have cars here and a little bit a crowd in for 92. this
9:53 am
is about 12 minutes. last but not least the golden gate bridge has been trouble free all day long. it is still wet but you still need to watchers be. you should drive carefully and give yourself a lot of space. >> right after kron4 morning news at 10:00 a.m. dr. phil. at 30 year-old mother of four is engaged to a 17 year-old boy. the couple will sit down with dr. phil.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> however in the city of lafayette some people did not get the memo or maybe
9:57 am
they're waiting for a recount. >> after the election of the winners and losers have 10 days to remove their political science with no exceptions. just about every city are around the bay area wherethe bay area the e the same. >> leaving political science is basically lauren. they stated that you ran for office and you have to clean up your mess. you ran for office and you try to convince voters yet you leave all your trash of the side of the road is over. why is that? >> i came to lafayette after a viewer sent an e-mail and stated that the signs were there for more the two years. most of the signs i found ourselves for 2012. if you are still looking at political science and if a politician is an office you
9:58 am
to take the sign to them. or you can contact your public works office until were the sun is at. last year rebuffed political leaders even if the politicians will not. in lafayette stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> we will be back here on thanks to the morning at 4:00 a.m.. dr. phil is next. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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